Harford Systems llc


Spot Welding

Harford Systems has a fully equipped resistance spot welding department to provide our customers with a single source for all their resistance welding needs. We have a large inventory of resistance welding machines to handle any size job.

Our machines are equipped with solid-state DIGITAL control for precise setup of spot welds. We specialize in thin guage steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheet and all diameter of wire and flat bar, while having the knowledge to tackle most heavy guage customer requirements.

With our in-house fixturing capabilities, it allows us to handle mesh patterns of any size. We also offer roller pipe bending services.

MIG, TIG, & More

Our welding department can weld most metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and more. If it is made of metal we can weld it. We are primarily shop oriented but we do have the ability to weld off site.

Harford Systems is an industry leader in light guage material, specializing in 24 gauge to 1/4" but not limited to these thicknesses. We can weld to any and all customer specifications from laboratory equipment to custom fabrication work. Our processes include MIG, TIG, spot, stick, gas welding, soldering, plasma and torch cutting.

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Equipment Used

Spot Welding Department

(5) H&H Resistance Welders 200KVA

(3) H&H Resistance Welders 100KVA

(1) H&H Resistance Welders 40KVA    

(1) H&H Resistance Welders 30KVA    

(2) Sciaky Resistance Welder 150KVA

(1) Sciaky Resistance Welder 125KVA  

(4) Banner/Alphil Welders 30 KVA

(1) Alphil Resistance Welder 75KVA

(1) Taylor Winfield Welder 100KVA

(1) Taylor Winfield Longarm Welder 48" Throat

(1) American Seam Welder 100KVA

(1) Apex Hanging Long Arm Resistance Welder 36KVA X 48”

(1) Milco Hanging Push Gun Resistance Welder 75KVA

Welding Department

(1) Miller CP-300 Amp Tig Welder

(1) Miller CP-200 Amp Tig Welder

(2) Lincoln 300 Amp Tig Welder

(15) Miller Syncrowave 250 Amp Tig Welder   

(1) Millermatic 250 Amp Mig Welder w/ Spoolmate 200 Gun

(1) Midwest Stud Welder           

(2) Overhead Crane 1 Ton