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Animal Transport Vans

Harford System's Animal Transport Vans - the ultimate in modern professional animal transportation. For almost five decades, we have produced the world's leading stainless steel animal housing systems. Our vast experience in the manufacturing of caging allows our staff to convert our design engineering skills into world class products that address every day issues of animal care personnel and the animals they care for.

We'll convert almost any standard size van to suit your specific animal transportation needs.

From our wide range of proven standard equipment options to specialized custom designs, we offer quality, performance and value. Like what you see? Our demo unit can be delivered to your door.

Give us the opportunity to quote your needs today. 

Features & Benefits

The Harford ATC is the premier choice for modern professional animal transportation.

Whether you're planning to purchase a pre-outfitted brand new van or converting an existing one, here are some of the features you'll find in every Harford ATC product:
  • UltraGlide cages that open with ease and automatically lock shut upon closing
  • Modular, flexible cage design that allows easy access and removable partitions, with storage provided
  • Watertight sealing, smooth surfaces, and an advanced drainage system that allow quick, easy hose-down and cleanup
  • Precision welded stainless steel construction for strength and durability
  • Flexible leasing plans, fleet rates and economy models available to meet every size budget
  • Separate cab controlled air conditioning and heating unit
  • A special arrangement with Chevy / GM that allows us to ship to your dealership for no-hassle delivery