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Welcome to Harford Systems

Harford Systems has been well established in custom stainless steel and sheet metal fabrication for over 50 years. Caring and committed people who welcome the opportunity to serve its customers complete the company known as "Harford Systems, Inc".

Wire Fabrication

Cutting and Forming

We specialize in complete design & fabrication of different types of wire formed products, ranging from wire baskets to grill grates. Harford Systems utilizes precision instruments to take on the simplest to the most complex fabrication.

Our facility has CNC wire benders and punch presses to perform multiple operations such as forming, cutting, and bending for fabricating several wire products.

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Harford Systems Uses these Materials

Equipment Used

(1) E.W.Bliss Trimmer

(1) Penn Trimmer

(1) Niagra Shear

(1) Savage Wire Nibbler  

(2) Lubow Rod Former   

(1) Rouselle Trimmer 3G

(1) DiAcro Rod Cutter

(1) DiAcro Power Bender

(1) Roundo Power Roller 60”Width

(5) Lewis Wire Cutters

(1) Roper Whitney Roller 24”Width

(1) Kidder Notcher

• Aluminum

• Carbon Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Copper

• Extrusions

• Plastics

• Castings

• Spring Steels

• Brass / Bronze

• Coil Processing