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Cincinnati Press Brake

Sheet metal fabrication at Harford Systems in Aberdeen, MD. A qualified operator works one of our 3 Cincinnati Autoform machines. We have a 230, a 175 and a 60 ton at our facility.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Harford Systems offers a vast array of fabrication equipment configured to produce the highest quality components available.

We constantly upgrade our equipment to the latest features for the most consistent part production.

Our manufacturing facility is able to produce components such as small bracketry, and large items such as structural weldments.

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Equipment Used

Harford Systems Uses these Materials

(1) Cincinnati Proform Press Brake 60 Ton x 4’, 17” Open Height, 8” Stroke w/ Windows PC-Based Control, CNC SX 24” Backgage w/ Programmable R-Axis, and American Style Segmented and Ground Tooling

(1) Cincinnati Autoform Press Brake 230 Ton X 12’, 23” Open Height, 16” Stroke w/ Windows PC-Based Graphic Control, Bend Simulation Software, Auto Crown, Heavy Duty 4-Axis Backgage, Programmable R-Axis, Fast Set Up Work Supports, American Style Segmented and Ground Tooling

(1) Cincinnati Maxform Press Brake 175 Ton X 12’ 23” Open Height, 16” Stroke, w/ Windows PC-Based Graphic Control, Bend Simulation Software, Programmable Auto Crown, 5-axis Backgage, Programmable R-Axis, Fast Set Up Work Supports, American Style Segmented and Ground Tooling

(1) Cincinnati CL707 4000 Watt Laser w/ 2-5’x10’Pallet Shuttles, Windows PC-Based Control and Nesting software w/ DXF File Transfer, Dual Pump Chiller, and Power Conditioner

(1) Cincinnati Shear ¼”x 10 ft.

(1) Cincinnati Shear 10 ga. X 6 ft.

(1) Strippit Fabri-Center 1000NC w/ 20 Station Turret and Multipunch Software

(1) Whitney Quick Change 50 Ton x 30” w/ Manual 30” Backgage

(1) Pacific Hydraulic Pressformer 110 Ton 16” Open Height, 12” Stroke, and Hurco Autobend 7 Backgage

(1) Rouselle Punch Press 25 Ton

(1) Rouselle Punch Press 70 Ton

(1) AEM Deburring Machine 48” w/ Airknife

(1) Roper Whitney Corner Radius Notcher

(1) Premier Press Brake 40 Ton x 4’, 10” Open Height, 6” Stroke, w/ Hurco Autobend 7 Backgage

(1) Pacific Press Brake 55 ton x 6’,12” Open Height, 6” Stroke, w/ Hurco Autobend 7 Backgage       

(1) Sweco Vibratory Finisher 14 cu ft

(1) Sweco Vibratory Finisher 10 cu ft 

(1) Hurricane Parts Dryer

(1) Time Saver Conveyor Sander 36” Belt

(1) Auto Sert Pemsetter  

(1) Amada 90 Degree Notcher x ¼”

(1) National Rivet Inserter     

(1) Hyd Mech Bandsaw w/ Programmable Angle and Length

(1) Yale 5 Ton Hoist

(1) Gorbel 1 Ton Jib Crane

(1) Speedycut Tapping Machine

(1) WA Whitney 18 Ton Notcher

(1) Ransohoff Parts Washer w/ 12” Wide Conveyor

• Aluminum

• Carbon Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Copper

• Extrusions

• Plastics

• Castings

• Spring Steels

• Brass / Bronze

• Coil Processing