Welcome to Harford Systems

Harford Systems has been well established in custom stainless steel and sheet metal fabrication for over 50 years. Caring and committed people who welcome the opportunity to serve its customers complete the company known as "Harford Systems, Inc".

The Engineering Department

Ed Eldreth

VP / Director of Engineering

25 Years of Service

About: Ed is in charge of the Engineering, Estimating, and Prototype Shop Groups. His areas of expertise are in; project management, machine design, light structural, as well as sheet metal design, layout and fabrication. Ed is well versed in the use of our Pro- Engineer CAD software.

Harford Systems Uses these Materials

• Aluminum

• Carbon Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Copper

• Extrusions

• Plastics

• Castings

• Spring Steels

• Brass / Bronze

• Coil Processing

Gary Bunney

Engineering Supervisor / Sr. Designer

28 years of Service

About: Gary is an Engineering group Supervisor who is also responsible for overseeing our Estimating Group. His areas of expertise include; light structural, sheet metal design, layout and fabrication, machined components, electrical, and dealing with agency testing (UL, CE, and CSA). Gary is an expert with our Pro-Engineer CAD software.

Ken Olsen

 Production Engineering Supervisor/ Sr. Designer

16 Years of Service

About: In addition to his role as supervisor Ken also completes projects of his own. Ken often meets and works with our customers to achieve the best possible designs to fit their needs. His areas of expertise include; sheet metal design, layout and fabrication, custom wire product designs, and advanced assemblies. Ken is well versed in the use of our Pro- Engineer CAD software as well as Auto-CAD.

Rodney Gerringer

Product Development Supervisor

17 Years of service

About: Rodney is responsible for overseeing our new product development. He specializes in injection molded and thermoformed component design. In addition Rodney has a good understanding of injection mold design. He is an expert with all of our CAD and CAM software and often called upon to help with our more challenging projects.