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Welcome to Harford Systems

Harford Systems has been well established in custom stainless steel and sheet metal fabrication for over 50 years. Caring and committed people who welcome the opportunity to serve its customers complete the company known as "Harford Systems, Inc".

Bead Blasting

Our bead blasting department is both a standalone area, as well as a vital component to final assembly.

One of the services we provide is glass bead-blast satin finishes, which include any thing from weld discoloration removal to a full monolithic finish.

With 3 full-size blast rooms and an additional blasting cabinet, we're set up to take on the biggest jobs.

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Equipment Used

Harford Systems Uses these Materials

(1) Clemco Blast Room 8' x 12' x 8'

(1) Empire Blast Room 8' x 10' x 8'

(1) Harford Blast Room 10’ x 11’ x 7 ’9’

(1) Clemco BNP720 Blast Cabinet 6’ x 6’ x 5’

• Aluminum

• Carbon Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Copper

• Extrusions

• Plastics

• Castings

• Spring Steels

• Brass / Bronze

• Coil Processing